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Using CORD While You're Offline

Offline use is supported by most desktop browsers as well as Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. Use Ctrl+D to bookmark this page so you can find it easily in your browser when you're offline.

CORD users are permitted 2 installs of the CORD Offline Cache. Please send a request via the contact form with explanation if you have good reason to install the CORD Offline Cache on more than 2 browsers or devices.

Up to 50 ordnance records can be added to the Offline Cache using the red "Add Ordnance Record to Offline Cache" button at the top of each ordnance record page. After adding an ordnance record to the cache, they will be linked on this page. You can also remove an ordnance from the cache to make room for others.

Ordnance records will be cached for up to 90 days. Cached ordnance records will be removed from the cache after 90 days. Revisiting a cached ordnance record while online will automatically refresh the cached record and reset the cache expiration to 90 days.

In addition to booking marking this page for offline access, Chrome desktop or Android users can install the CORD App Icon from this page.